Marek Kozlak Marek Koźlak, PhD, i3D Marek Koźlak, doctor of the Silesian University of Technology in the field of mechanics and one of founders of i3D regarded as an innovation of 2009 in Silesia. Hothead and a pioneer of the technological solutions involving virtual reality. He has been a consultant of the biggest firms in world: Saudi Aramco, Boeing, Exxon Mobile. These are just a few satisfied customers which Marek encouraged to watch the world through three-dimensional glasses.
Hari Madduri Hari Madduri, PhD, Chief Technical Officer, Krakow Software Lab, IBM Software Group Dr. Madduri obtained a PhD in Computer Science in 1985 and worked for Honeywell Research for 5 years, where he principally worked on fault-tolerant systems. He joined IBM in 1990, and played various lead technical and management roles in Object Oriented Systems, Data Mining solutions for various industries, e-commerce hubs, electronic data interchange, software as a service, and ITIL-based service management (configuration management database, provisioning and service automation). He presented at various conferences, published in refereed journals, and holds over 25 patents. Currently, he is the Chief Technology Officer at IBM software development lab in Krakow, Poland. His current interests are in Cloud Computing and Cloud Business Analytics.
Barbara Schafarczyk Barbara Schafarczyk, Capgemini IOS Polska Was born in Rybnik. She made her university language studies in Krakow and since graduation lives and works there. Her professional debut was Public Relations Agency in Krakow. Current role: Delivery Center Language Competence Development Leader. She joined Capgemini IOS Polska 6 years and took challenges in different areas: People Management and Project Management. In previous roles was accountable for managing service delivery to client accounts promoting the continuous improvement of productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction. At the moment she’s focused on transforming the business, supports Transition in matter of languages, as well as building new language competency models in Capgemini centres.
Marcin Kozak Marcin Kozak, Principal Sales Consultant, Security, Oracle